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About Community Cooperative Preschool

Welcome to CCP, where children and parents discover together! Our core philosophy is to partner with parents to support children’s growth and learning during the preschool years. For over 40 years, CCP has provided a learning community of children, families and teachers in North Andover and its surrounding towns.

As a co-op preschool, parents play an integral role in our school which builds meaningful connections and a strong sense of community. Our developmentally appropriate programs provide a warm and nurturing environment where children can play, explore, and investigate. This supportive and cooperative spirit make CCP a place where children can learn about themselves, each other and the world around them.

Come be a part of the cooperative experience!

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Community Cooperative Preschool has many unique benefits that go beyond the typical cooperative preschool.

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We offer ongoing enrollment throughout the year based on space available. To learn more about registration and tuition at CCP visit our registration page.



“Selecting CCP as the preschool for our son was one of the best decisions my wife and I have made as parents. It was the perfect environment for him and we feel strongly that the staff at CCP really nurtured him where needed, yet challenged him in other needed ways. The community formed among the parents has also been a pleasant surprise. Our entire family has truly enjoyed our experience at CCP.”
–Mark K.

“All 3 of my kids have gone through CCP and I couldn’t love it any more. Our third is on his last year and it was a perfect introduction to school for all three. The “coop” factor isn’t really much work anymore, but it gives you a glimpse into your child’s school life and it enables a closeness with the staff and other parents that you might not get elsewhere.”
–Carrie L.
“We were new to town last year. I’ve met so many families and my daughter has made great connections. The teachers are amazing and the coop model lets you get involved as much or as little as you’d like.”
–Meghan E.

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