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About us

Community Cooperative Preschool has been a place of discovery, learning, and fun for over 35 years in the North Andover area.

As a co-op, parents and teachers have the privilege of working together to manage curriculum, programming, and administrative operations. This gives parents the unique opportunity to participate beyond any typical preschool to create a rich learning environment while participating at a level that works with their own schedule.

Our school community and programs provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning while maintaining a strong family influence. In 35 years, very little has changed in our philosophy and love of children.

  • Two Day (at least 2.9 by September 1)
  • Three Day (at least 3 by September 1)
  • Four Day (at least 3 by September 1)
  • Pre-Kindergarten (at least 4 by September 1)
  • Extended Day Program

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